About Us

sample testMidhun’s Kubleappam is a long time dream of Midhun a cooking enthusiast, the company was started with a belief that nothing can beat the taste that we fell in love when we were children. This company is all about trying to recreate a fond childhood memory, thus the mission of the organization, “Making memories with taste”. Kumbleappam is a culinary treasure of Kerala, this dish has a special place in our childhood memories. This is a snack even when compared to today’s standards which are quite healthy with its current competition, the whole preparation is done by steam instead of the harmful oils.

This snack from the god’s own country Kerala, Kumbilappam is an authentic seasonal dish from Kerala and it is popular in several names such as Therali Appam,Kumbilappam, Chakka Appam, Vazhanayappam and Chakka Kumbulappam.Whatever be the name and where it is made in Kerala, the flavours and taste followed are the same as long as the main ingredient forms the dominant flavour. The Kumbu part of the is for the ‘cone’ shape of this snack.

Bay leaves, edana ila or vazhanayila is used to wrap the goodness of our recipes, if you want to share this taste with your near and dear ones. Please free to contact us for any party orders, marriage functions, annual events, corporate events, and everything else where people gather to taste some great food. All our offerings are preservative free and are made with utmost care and responsibility.