Beyond the traditional taste of Jackfruit, we have added a few flavours for a modern twist. This modern twist comes with flavours of pineapple, Papaya, Watermelon, Passion Fruit and of course Jackfruit. Even the ingredients are handpicked for their contribution to the final snack. The jaggery used is here is the healthier alternative to the processed sugar which we consume on a daily basis. Steamed rice, ragi, chemba, chola are used for their healthy inclination. The best coconuts from the Kerala coast is used to get the authentic Kerala aroma. Not last but the least our chef in charge Mithun’s Secret Ingredient.


Handpicked pineapples from Vazhakulam, the pineapple city of the world. Our Pineapple kumbleppam is made with all natural ingredients and with no preservatives.


The king of fruits makes an appearance in our offerings, freshly picked mangoes from all over India. Our Mango is truly a combination which we all dreamed when we were children.

Water Melon

The Watermelon flavoured kumbleappam is truly one of a kind kumbleappam you can get anywhere. Try this flavour if you are someone who likes adventure on their platter.

Passion Fruit

The cancer-fighting fruit finds a place in our truly diverse list of flavours. Watermelon flavoured kumbleappam is the perfect combination of tasty and healthy food.


A fruit which is often mistaken as a vegetable, pumpkin flavoured kumbleappam is a one of a kind snack that will surprise you without any doubt.